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The consultancy project comprises the run of a Feasibility Study Phase to identify the need of getting started a Center of Influence, plus, its prospective partners and competitors.The project got commenced beginning of November, 2017. The commissioned Feasibility Study Phase of the project got completed on 01/05/2018.

 1. Drives for undertaking this Project
Much in contrast to other consultancy projects which got started by reason of existing major troubles aiming at their handling and overcoming, this consultancy project got started with the view to expand the performance of the organization. Said another way, the organization has delivered a good performance what has driven its plans to expand.
The consultancy project aims at identifying the exact activities which are to be involved as an expansion of the services portfolio of the organization. Given the social focus of the organization, the new undertakings have to come as:

  • Complementary to the social activities thus far performed by Plovdiv municipality.
  • Bearing social import, i.e. they are to handle real problems of actually existing vulnerable groups[1] amidst the population of Plovdiv city.

The following activities got involved in the run of the a.m. three phases:

 1. Conducting focus groups of volunteers to get involved in the Center of Influence.
 2. Conducting semi-structured interviews with representatives of the Social Policy Department with Plovdiv municipality; directors of secondary schools and kindergartens; former directors of secondary schools; high school teachers.
 3. Identifying and producing a profile for all presumable vulnerable groups in Plovdiv city
 4. Figuring out the most urgent needs of the groups identified under clause 3.
 5. Identifying proper activities aimed at meeting the needs under clause 4.
 6. Initial setting of priorities given the urgency to supply requisite resources.
 7. Filing the dossier needed to proceed with the next stage – Business planning and application for the grant of finance.

[1] “Says the white book of effective support delivering social services, vulnerable are such persons and groups of people who suffer certain limitations of their involvement in the social life and the use of social rights.
The vulnerable groups fail of gaining access or benefiting from the opportunities supplied by the society and the economics, and fall victims or in a condition where they run the risk of getting marginalized or socially cast out.”
Source: Social services development strategy for 2016 – 2020, approved by Plovdiv Municipal Council, 26/05/2016

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