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Oxford L D is an Oxford-based British company trading with business consultancy. It got established in April, 2015. We came to work with its owner on 15/02/2016. The core product provided by the company as at that date used to be 1-2-1 meetings held by the owner with some clients. All of the clients being senior and middle management, such meetings were meant to enhance their leadership skills, inclusive of promoting their assertiveness, boosting their self-esteem, mastering stressful workplace situations.

In April 2016 – two months following the start of our consultancy project, Oxford LD turnovers were set on the up and up, arriving at a double figure just 4 months thereafter. Drawing upon the data provided by the owners, the turnover for only the said 6 months of the company consultancy-aided performance got double compared to what it used to be in the period from the company establishment down to the start of our consultancy project, that is to say, the 11 previous calendar months. The owner makes sure that the factors having contributed to this notable result are as follows: applying the direct debit payment system; new leadership techniques resulting in improved client loyalty; overcoming her preset presumptions which made her keep off from workshop delivery.

In June 2016 – four months following the start of the consultancy project, the company got to boost by 25 % the prices of its core product – the 1-2-1 consultancy meetings. The key reason was the higher self-respect attained on account of the fact that the company has worked its practice up to the delivery of a highly qualified and differentiated service. The way has been made for the introduction of package services enlisting public speaking on events as well as customer-tailored workshops. Plus, the span of its target client focus grew larger to involve one more category: men. Up to that time Oxford L D used to provide its services only to women managers. The owner acknowledged that the developments which otherwise would not have been a fact, if she had not gone for this consultancy project with me, are: „Leadership development, strategic approach to business management, increased self-esteem, accountability”.

In August 2016 – six months following the start of our consultancy project, Oxford L D took up an assignment for delivering a number of workshop training classes to senior managers at The Oxford University, the UK.

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